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Land use planning is at the heart of sustainable community development. Biko Associates emphasizes that communities should take control of their destiny through a comprehensive planning approach, and then develop appropriate tools through regulations, incentives, and programs to fulfill the community vision. Our approach relies on state-of-the-art technologies and methods to understand the land, its natural cover, hydrology, and historical community use and development patterns. Biko Associates provides land use planning services tailored to three distinct needs:

  1. Creating comprehensive land use plans for rural and urban counties, cities, and townships;
  2. Land use or specific area planning for other local governments and special areas within communities such as downtown areas, sensitive natural areas, or other special areas;
  3. Creating ordinances, regulations, incentives, and programs to meet the community's vision and goals.

Comprehensive Planning and Specific-Area Planning - Community-based, participatory, land use planning is the cornerstone of Biko Associates' planning services. Involving the public is essential, and visioning, planning, and implementation/design processes are enriched when the public's concerns are included. Biko Associates uses innovative and time-tested approaches to ensure the public is informed and all stakeholder perspectives can be included.

To support a community-based planning process, Biko Associates uses accurate natural resource, social, and economic information. Up-to-date background information provides a necessary foundation for good public policy. Neighborhoods, small communities, and regional governments each need to ground policy decisions in an understanding of the community's social-economic-environmental conditions. Biko Associates provides background analysis that makes clear the implications of alternative policies on individuals, economic and social classes, and interest groups.

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