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Of all the functions performed by local governments, land-use decisionmaking is the most important. Land-use choices made by the public are fundamental determinants to all other issues. The provision of streets, sewers, and other municipal services as well as the level of taxation and quality of life are directly influenced by land-use decisions. General land-use decisions, therefore, should be made in an informed manner to avoid negative impacts on the local economy, environment, and community-level social interaction.

Biko Associates has made a commitment to land-use decisionmaking that is inclusive, comprehensive, and results in relevant, working documents. Biko Associates provides a broad spectrum of land-use planning services, including:

Biko Associates has worked with several communities in Minnesota and across the country to develop land use plans that promote sustainable growth. Biko Associates also has experience working with individual landowners who wish to develop their land in a community-sensitive manner.

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