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Transportation planning services provided by Biko Associates are tailored to meet the needs of three client groups: the public sector, the private sector, and neighborhood and community groups.

Public Sector
Public sector clients demand high quality products that are solution-oriented. Biko Associates is pleased to have provided transportation planning services to state, regional, and local jurisdictions in the following areas:

Private Sector
The project approval process in most communities includes several steps to ensure that proposed development will not adversely impact the existing transportation system. Biko Associates' private sector clients have called on the firm to prepare Traffic Impact Studies to determine how their projects will affect intersection operations, congestion along roadways, and the supply of parking. Biko Associates has prepared the transportation section of the Environmental Assessment Worksheet and has conducted analyses to determine the impacts of development-generated traffic on air quality and noise for Indirect Source Permit applications.

Neighborhood and Community Level Transportation Planning
Today, community residents are keenly aware of the impacts road improvement projects and development have on the transportation systems that serve their commercial areas and neighborhoods. Biko Associates is a leader and an innovator in the often overlooked area of neighborhood and community level transportation planning and has prepared several studies addressing the concerns of residents who face potential impacts from highway improvement projects or development.

Providing transportation planning services to neighborhood and community organizations, Biko Associates has conducted studies to address traffic congestion and related enivronmental issues.

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